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off painting

off painting

When I started this small business a few years ago, I was not sure if there was a market for female interior decorators.  However, everyone I spoke to thought that there was a gap in the market and I felt encouraged.  I assumed that all of my clients would be women but that is not so.  I decorate and design for individuals, families and businesses.  I generally work alone and only get help occasionally when a job is too big for one person to handle.

I pride myself  in doing a first class interior decorating and design job and take great care with my clients’ property.  I  treat every space as if it were my own.  However, when extensive sanding is required, a layer of dust will settle over the property and this in unavoidable.

I  generally offer a labour only service and encourage my clients to purchase water based paints which are more environmentally friendly than oil based paints.

There are four elements to my business, standard interior painting, specialist decorating, a design advice service and ‘staging’ homes for sale.  They are described more fully on the section called ‘what we do’.

You will see my grey van covered in pink daisies driving around Barry and surrounding areas.

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